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Here's What We Can Deliver to Your Property:

Top Soil

Topsoil is the upper layer of soil, usually between 2 to 8 inches in depth, that contains most of the ground's nutrients and fertility. It is typically used for lawn areas.


The process of screening topsoil is one that removes larger clods of soil, stones, roots, and other materials from the soil. This is usually done by size, meaning dirt that's screened to 1” will have no lumps or anything larger than 1” in diameter.

Drain Stone

Drain stone is a porous substance designed to handle the flow of water. It is typically 1”-1 ¾”

Afton Stone

Crushed limestone (Afton Stone) is an aggregate composed of calcium carbonate. Once mined, the stone is crushed where it can be used in a variety of applications such as building materials, drainage, concrete, backfill, and driveways.

Road Gravel

Road Gravel is a mixture of clay, sand, and various sized stone, which is typically used for a driveway/road base.

Mason Sand

Mason sand, also called masonry sand, is a fine sand that is smooth and clean. Mason sand is typically made from rock like granite, gneiss,
limestone, or trap rock. These materials are crushed and then run through screens to sift out the largest pieces.

Pit Run Gravel

Pit Run is an unmanufactured gravel which is dug out of the bank. It has rocks up to 12″ but typically 6″ and less. It is used for a base for roads and driveways and should be placed in layers 12″ thick or more.

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